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Fantasy Football: Under the Radar (with consistency) – Week 8

Every week, James Knight uses our Consistency Tools to see who’s flying under the radar consistently! Follow him on X @JKeasy.

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Week 8 brings us no bye weeks and that’s a welcome site for those of us playing fantasy football.  Despite the fact we aren’t missing any teams in this week’s schedule there are still a lot of very important lineup decisions to make.  We’ve hit the point where if your team has a losing record then you need to string together some wins and if you’re above water you need to keep that streak alive.  That’s where the Big Guy Fantasy Sports consistency tools come into play.  Others don’t have the luxury of seeing the consistency trends like we can so let’s dig in and as always you can check out my suggestions with notes for a few “under the radar” consistent players below!


QB Kirk Cousins – MIN vs. @GB (Rostered 93%, Started 45% on Yahoo!)

Captain Kirk continues to put up numbers this year despite a littany of speedbumps in his path (lack of a strong running game, Justin Jefferson injury, etc.).  On the year he has a 71% Clutch Ratio (CR, amount of consistently high scoring games over total games played) and clocks in as the QB5 overall (159.45 points). With that rank in mind the fact that Cousins is starting in less than 50% of Yahoo! leagues is downright disrespectful.  He’s averaging 22.78 points per game and is showing no signs of slowing down.  This includes last week’s 25.80 points against a stout 49ers defense and in prime time no less (we see you, Kirk!).  Put him in your starting lineup with confidence moving forward, do it because as Kirk himself says, “You like that!”.


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James has been a part of fantasy sports for over 20 years (football, baseball, and basketball) and has worked in multiple industries as a Data Analyst. He is from North Carolina where he currently resides with his wife and three children. He enjoys all things sports and is his favorite teams are the Braves, Broncos, Hornets, and Duke.

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