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Fantasy Football: Under the Radar (with consistency) – Week 5

Every week, James Knight uses our Consistency Tools to see who’s flying under the radar consistently! Follow him on X @JKeasy.

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Week 5 of the football season is here and that means bye weeks are upon us.  Fantasy footballers have hopefully been preparing however there are so many unforeseen circumstances that make it an issue for even the saviest managers.  Whether it be injuries or underperforming draft picks that’s got you with the bye week blues let’s get a remedy and dive in on which players can consistently help your squad!  Below I use the Big Guy Fantasy Sports consistency tools in order to identify some of those consistent players to give you an edge moving forward.  If you haven’t already then sign-up today and start using these awesome VIP tools for yourself!


QB Anthony Richardson wk 5 @IND vs. TEN (Rostered 90%, Started 49% on Yahoo!)

The fact that Anthony Richardson isn’t started at a much higher rate is astonishing.  So far this year he’s played in 3 games and has a 100% Clutch Ratio (CR, amount of consistently high scoring games over total games played).  He’s averaging 23.68 points per game for the season and that number jumps up to 26.38 points per game when he plays at home (which 3 of his next 4 games are, including this week).  Richardson’s consistency is certainly assisted by his rushing “Konami cheat code” status where he’s averaged 43.67 yards per game on the season.  To put that into persepective Richardson is 31st in rushing yards per game, that’s not just for quarterbacks as that list includes running backs as well!  Richardson looks to be a sure bet for consistent production despite being a rookie, those who’ve acquired him are going to continue reaping the rewards!


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James has been a part of fantasy sports for over 20 years (football, baseball, and basketball) and has worked in multiple industries as a Data Analyst. He is from North Carolina where he currently resides with his wife and three children. He enjoys all things sports and is his favorite teams are the Braves, Broncos, Hornets, and Duke.

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