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Fantasy Football: Under the Radar (with consistency) – Week 11

Every week, James Knight uses our Consistency Tools to see who’s flying under the radar consistently! Follow him on X @JKeasy.

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Here we go, we’re getting ever closer to the fantasy football playoffs and week 11 has the Falcons, Colts, Patriots, and Saints all on a bye.  With those teams on bye managers are left searching for answers or in some cases just glad they’re on bye so we don’t have to talk about them this week.  With each passing week it’s becoming more important to find those under the radar consistent performers for your team as another loss might be the one that keeps your team from a championship run.  Read on below as I’m using the Big Guy Fantasy Sports consistency tools to let you know who’s “under the radar” and how to keep your team winning!  If you haven’t already then be sure to sign up for the articles and stay for the consistency tools!


QB Russell Wilson – @DEN vs. MIN (Rostered 50%, Started 16% on Yahoo!)

DangeRuss Wilson is back!  Last year under the coaching of Nathaniel Hackett the entire Broncos offense struggled and it looked like Wilson may have been washed.  Fast forward to week 11 of this year and Russ is back cooking with Sean Payton running the operation.  Russ is sporting a 56% Clutch Ratio (CR, amount of consistently high scoring games over total games played) on the year but he’s hit a clutch game in back to back tough matchups (the Chiefs and Bills).  Wilson has moved up to QB14 overall while averaging 19.82 points per game on the season and his arrow continues to point straight up.  At home versus AVG pass defenses (Minnesota is ranked as such) Russ’ average jumps to 23.22 points per game.  He’s always been the most productive when running and creating plays, this year is no different as he’s averaging 25.67 yards per game on the ground.  Wilson has a very favorable schedule down the stretch and is back to his MVP play making magic (did you see that Courtland Sutton touchdown last week?!?!).  This means he can and should be trusted for the rest of the season in crucial fantasy matchups.


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James has been a part of fantasy sports for over 20 years (football, baseball, and basketball) and has worked in multiple industries as a Data Analyst. He is from North Carolina where he currently resides with his wife and three children. He enjoys all things sports and is his favorite teams are the Braves, Broncos, Hornets, and Duke.

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