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Baseball Consistency: Why you need it.

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Ron Rigney tells you why consistency is just as important in fantasy baseball as it is in fantasy football. Follow him on twitter @TheRealMaday defines consistency as steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.  If you play fantasy football, then you have likely heard of the consistency concept developed by BGFS lead dog Bob Lung.  Essentially this concept identifies players that won’t deviate much in terms of scoring, and be those anchors of your fantasy football success.  

You may be thinking “I came here for baseball, how does this apply to me?”  Even if you aren’t thinking that I’m going to pretend you are!  At BGFS we frequently think of ways to expand this consistency concept.  I am proud to announce that we will be bringing consistency to the world of head-to-head baseball.  For those of you who are totally new to the concept, let me break it down for you.  

Anyone who has played fantasy has had seasons where they felt great about their team but missed the playoffs. In those cases, a player could have an impressive end of the year stat line, maybe even ranking near the top in total fantasy points for the season. From a team standpoint, your squad may have ranked near the top in total points for the league, yet here you sit playing in the consolation bracket while everyone else is competing for a title.

The reason for this heartbreaking ending? Your players weren’t consistent!  Quite simply, you most likely had players that put up big scoring outputs for a few weeks but disappeared in others. For example, if Cody Bellinger ends the season as the top fantasy producer, it’s an impressive feat. However, if he went ice cold for the month of July, he’s letting your fantasy team down when you need him most. We want to eliminate that problem. With our Clutch Rating system, we will give you a new tool to head into the draft day that allows you to pinpoint players who won’t fluctuate much. In the coming months, we will be previewing the hitter and pitchers from a consistency standpoint to give you those anchors at each position that will have you winning those weekly matchups and collecting trophies, but most importantly, crushing the spirits of your fantasy opponents!

Ron brings nearly 25 years of fantasy experience to BGFS. A veteran of mainly football and baseball, if there is a league format for it, he’s probably played it. Previously he has worked for sites such as Fantasy Alarm, Fantistics, Fantrax, and Dr. A native Hoosier, Ron currently resides in Southwest Florida with his wife, four children and Golden Retriever named Elwood. A teacher by trade, he enjoys fitness, collecting sports memorabilia, music and cheering on the Rays, Colts, The U, and the Pacers.

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