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Undervalued Clutch Players – TE – 2023

Bob Lung gives you some of the “secret” undervalued players from his 2023 Fantasy Football Consistency Guide! Follow him on Twitter @bob_lung

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Every year as fantasy owners head into their drafts, they are always looking for sleepers or undervalued players. The Clutch Games system identifies undervalued players that most systems can’t. These are the players who are consistent week after week but don’t normally have huge games. These players slide and can be drafted at great value.

I will identify those picks who are undervalued based on their current ADP. This way if you want to pick a player early, you can still get good value based on what round you draft them. Or you can wait until the middle or late rounds and get great value just as easily. It’s your call!

Let’s take a look at the tight ends.

Dallas Goedert

If you’ve read this guide at all, you will have noticed my man crush for Dallas Goedert this year at the tight end position. I know that Kelce is the man, but let’s be honest everyone and their mother will be drafting Kelce in the first round. So, where do you pivot? Dallas Goedert. His 89% rating through his first nine games before he got hurt is what you’re buying in Round 6 and I’m perfectly fine with that.

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