For those of us who are new to fantasy football, or have played this game for a long time, this is the time of year when we start making our 2019 fantasy football plans. How many leagues will we be playing in? What platforms will we choose to play on? Which league type, or combination of types do we want to play? Are there any popular scoring options we would like to try, or possibly create a unique option ourselves?

From an offensive fantasy player standpoint, the 2019 free agent season has been pretty lackluster thus far. While on the defensive side of the line, IDP prospects rate as the stars of the early free agency rush. Most people so far have focused on the Bell signing, as well as the Brown and Beckham trades. Obviously, the Jets, Raiders and Browns are trending up in fans’ expectations following these big-time moves.

We are days away from the start of what is usually an exciting time in both the NFL and fantasy football worlds. Everyone loves to watch their teams dive headlong into the free agent pool. This is the time of year when NFL owners and GMs, after months of whining about player cost   mostly overpay for players that will make them winners.

With hindsight we see the error of their ways year after year. Many of the contracts written in coming weeks will be voided well short of their intended expiration. You see, in professional sports, players who are considered to be icons quickly become worthless discards when their bodies start to wear down and their skillsets begin to diminish.

With NFL free agency starting once again this week, we tend to take it and the NFL we see today for granted. Being a bit of an old fart, I have been a big sports fan since the late 1950’s. Not only have I seen many legendary players in all sports, some of them first hand, but I have also seen the various sports leagues grow and watched the progression of player compensation.

If you are thinking that the 2018 NFL season just barely ended; it indeed did. With memories of a Super Bowl that was less than exciting still in our heads, next week on March 13, 2019 at 4:00 pm ET, a new league year begins and the annual free agency frenzy begins.

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