2019 Consistency Preview - TE

Bob Lung shares the most consistent tight ends of 2018 and his projections for 2019. Follow him @bob_lung

The tight ends have always been the “problem child” for Fantasy owners and 2018 / 2019 is no different! Outside of the big three in Tier 1A below and Eric Ebron, it was a real bad time for consistency at the position. Heading into 2019, you have to DRAFT BIG if you want Kelce, Ertz or Kittle because they are all going in Round 2 and 3. There are a few “bargains” out there ADP-wise and we have them secretly hidden in the article below, so check it out!

Let’s look at those tight ends ranked in their projected Tier for 2019 and show you their 2018 total points and consistency and where they ranked in those categories in 20187.

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