2019 Consistency Preview - WR

Bob Lung shares the most consistent wide receivers of 2018 and his projections for 2019. Follow him @bob_lung

Over the past three years (2015-2017), I was showing how the receivers are slowly becoming a large group of above average receivers as the following number of receivers earning over 300 Fantasy points in a PPR format: 2015 – 6; 2016 – 3 and 2017 – 2. However, in 2018, it went back up to SEVEN receivers over 300 points and two more of them were over 290 Fantasy points. It drops dramatically after that, but in my opinion, it shows that there a significant separation after the Top 20 receivers below. While the depth, heading into 2019, is at running back and NOT at wide receiver and because of that, grabbing top receivers early in the drafts is more important than ever.

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