Nease’s Insights—2019 Free Agency-Ready, Set, Thud!

We are days away from the start of what is usually an exciting time in both the NFL and fantasy football worlds. Everyone loves to watch their teams dive headlong into the free agent pool. This is the time of year when NFL owners and GMs, after months of whining about player cost   mostly overpay for players that will make them winners.

With hindsight we see the error of their ways year after year. Many of the contracts written in coming weeks will be voided well short of their intended expiration. You see, in professional sports, players who are considered to be icons quickly become worthless discards when their bodies start to wear down and their skillsets begin to diminish.

This year’s crop of free agents is just about the worst I have ever seen. It is loaded with QB2s and lower, RB2-3’s and lower, WR3-4 and 5s and some mediocre TEs. Once you get past Le’Veon Bell and Nick Foles, the cupboard is bare when it comes to offensive players. The gold mine this season is loaded, absolutely loaded with defensive players. Teams will be scrambling to fill defensive holes on their rosters to counter the offensive resurrection seen in 2019. Clearly, NFL teams have sunk their salary cap dollars on the offensive side of the ball and have let some high-priced defenders go.

Let’s take a look at some of the top offensive free agents:


  1. Nick Foles, PHI
  2. Tyrod Taylor, CLE
  3. Teddy Bridgewater, NO
  4. Ryan Fitzpatrick, TB

Running Backs

  1. Le’Veon Bell, PIT
  2. Mark Ingram, NO
  3. Tevin Coleman, ATL
  4. Latavius Murray, MIN
  5. Mike Davis, SEA

Wide Receivers

  1. Golden Tate, PHI
  2. Tyrell Williams, LAC
  3. Adam Humphries, TB
  4. Jamison Crowder, WAS
  5. John Brown, BAL
  6. Cole Beasley, DAL

Tight Ends

  1. Jared Cook, OAK
  2. Jesse James, PIT
  3. Austin Sefarian-Jenkins, JAC
  4. Tyler Eifert, CIN

I know. You are still looking for the BIG names. Well, sorry to say this is the best it is going to get. Yes, there are other familiar mediocre players not listed above. If you are looking for game-changers on this list, forget about it. Like I said above, it is Foles and Bell, followed by roster fillers. Of course, some of these offensive free agents listed above, or maybe even others not shown, will rise above expectations and become fantasy draft worthy. As of right now, that is not really able to be determined. By training camp, we will have a better indication of how these free agents will fare with their new teams in 2019.

If I had to choose some players other than Foles and Bell, my favorites as of right now would be Tevin Coleman, Mike Davis, Tyrell Williams and John Brown. Many are thinking, what about Golden Tate? Last year with splitting time between Detroit and Philadelphia, he only performed at a mid-WR3 level, averaging 12.25 fantasy points per game (FPPG) and had a mere six games over 12 points. That coupled with the Lions getting rid of him and the Eagles not exactly clamoring for him to remain, I am wary. He is a player to watch and see what happens.

The real excitement is going to come in the trade market. QBs like Josh Rosen and Derek Carr and WRs Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham have all been said to be on the move to some extent. Brown appears to be 100% certain to move. The Raiders will have a say in both the draft and the trade market with a draft pick arsenal loaded prized first round picks.

Keep your eyes open. I will keep you abreast of free agency signings as the next couple of months of activity play out.

Good luck in your 2019 championship battles. All of us here at Big Guy Fantasy Sports are intent on helping you become the champions you want to be. With our poignant articles and being the home base for the Consistency Theory, a sound, mathematically-based alternative to ADP, we will be with you every step of the way throughout the entire 2019 season. This will be my 35th year playing and my 19th season writing about our passion for fantasy football.

Just in case you were wondering how I did in 2018 and want to know if I know what I am talking about, how about this? Five of my six teams made it to their league playoffs. With a cumulative 53-29 record (65% wins), I won fantasy championships in two formidable experts’ leagues, FanEx and FFWebmasters, as well as in my own Couch Tomatoes Invitational Auction league. Yes, that is three fantasy championships in six tough leagues, with two of those three teams having dominating 12-1 regular season records.

In the Fantasy Index Magazine annual experts’ scoring projection contest, I ranked #6 out of 20.  In the similar public Fantasy Index Open, out of 583 entries, I was #2 in projecting QB, RB, WR, TE, PK and DST Top 20 scoring. These entries were submitted before the first preseason games. I just barely missed winning my second title in this contest (won in 2014). I lost by a heartbreaking 43 points at a scoring level of about 310,000 points. In 2018, using a combination of the Consistency Theory and my own knowledge of our game, I had my best year ever.

Over the years many readers have contacted me personally for fantasy football questions throughout the year. I look forward to helping you in your quest to win championships this year. You can contact me by email with any questions you may have on fantasy football generally, or on consistency specifically, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., follow me on Twitter @mikeinsights, or join me as a member of Couch Tomatoes, my fantasy football discussion group on Facebook.

Good luck! Have fun! 

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