Fantasy Consistency Tools: Tier Draft List

Are you tired of carrying multiple Fantasy Guides and cheat sheets to your draft? Are you disorganized during your draft? Does it go too quick for you to keep up with the picks taken and who’s left?

Well, you’re in luck! We, at Big Guy Fantasy Sports have the PERFECT tool for you!

The Tier Draft List!

The Tier Draft List was designed to help Fantasy owners be organized, focused and accurate during their drafts. The Tiered Draft sheet was created when my good friend and business associate asked me for help for his upcoming Fantasy draft against his son and son-in-law. He said he found it very difficult to keep up during “those quick online drafts” on Yahoo and because you only have 90 seconds between picks. In addition, he said he struggled with what round to pick the top running backs, wide receivers, etc. So, I told him that I would create a one-page Excel sheet with a detailed ranking of the players by tiers and a brief section that would explain which position to pick each round and what tier to choose from.

The Tier Draft lists will be updated throughout the preseason all the way to the first game! You can find the updated Tier Draft List included with the Guide right here at I will update them as there are significant changes (injuries, depth chart changes, etc.) throughout the preseason.

Now, I have an included an example of a Tier Draft List near the bottom of the article. I’d like to take the opportunity to briefly explain how to use the Tier Draft list.

Overall Position Rank (RB1, RB2, etc.)

The position sections (QB, RB, WR, TE, DEF & K) are ranked in order of Fantasy and Consistency value as related to the appropriate scoring method. You should follow the rankings as you draft, but you may certainly pick those higher or lower based on your draft prep, current injury news, etc.

Starting Lineup Positional Rank (RB1, RB2, etc.)

Within each position, the players are also identified by their position and a number (1 through 7). So, for example all of the running backs with the RB1 identification are running backs that you should have on your team as your main or your first starting running back. The RB2’s are those running backs who should be on your team as your second starting running backs and so on.

Clutch Rank (A, B, C, etc.)

Within, each position, the players are also identified by the Clutch of their Fantasy value and consistency within their position. An “A” ranking is the best players available within each ranking. When using the “Draft Advisor” section, always choose the highest ranked of all three categories when making your selection.


The Draft Advisor is a simple way of recommending who to draft in each round towards building a solid team. The idea is to pick the highest ranked player in each round. The first seven rounds are critical in building your core team. By the end of round seven, you should have a starting team (depending on your league) consisting of the follow players: one starting quarterback (QB1); two starting running backs (RB1 & RB2B); three starting wide receivers (WR1, WR2, WR3) and one tight end (TE1).

Of course, if you get a higher ranked player than those listed (i.e., you get a WR1 and two WR2) then congrats! After these seven players are drafted, then you can begin to draft your backups with the highest ranked players in each position until you finalize your team with a defense and kicker near the end of your draft. I do want to point out that every league is different. There are different scoring methods like bonuses for 300+ passing games and 100+ rushing or receiving games, so please do NOT take these lists as the gospel truth. I can always email you these lists in an Excel format and you can edit them to your preferences.

The Tier Draft lists are just another tool to help you dominate your league. I hope you find them as useful as many other Fantasy owners do each year. If you need an updated version of the Tier Draft List and you are a subscriber to the Guide, CLICK HERE and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

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