Fantasy Football Clutch Report

Welcome to the Clutch Report for 2020!

My goal was to make some improvements to the Report, so that the users can get more out of the report than ever before!

  1. Download your Clutch Report to Excel.
  2. Full page view of all players of the report instead changing screens to see lower ranked players.
  3. Better defensive rankings based on Fantasy Points Allowed by Position

While, the ultimate goal of the Clutch System is to help Fantasy owners identify which players are the most consistent under their scoring system. The problem has always been that it only on the one standard scoring method that I used.

An online version for all Fantasy owners to use and input their own scoring method is now a reality. Now it's easy to see which players have been the most consistent under just about any scoring method by using the Clutch Report.

What is the Clutch Report?

Below is a screenshot of the Clutch Report for Quarterbacks.  The report defaults to a Standard Scoring method for Quarterbacks.

Adjust the Scoring Method to Fit Your League

To change the scoring method, click on the “Edit Scoring” button and the input screen will appear.

Make your changes to the scoring method and hit the “Recalculate Scores” button and your report is done.

Hit the “Close Editor” once you have recalculated.

Drill Down to Individual Players

You may have noticed the button next to each player's name marked 'View Details.'

The details page allows you to see, game-by-game, how that player earned their Clutch Ranking.

Below is the detail page for Patrick Mahomes last season.

The Clutch Report is a unique report that allows you to analyze players in a completely new light. 

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