Consistency Guide Recognized as BEST in 2017!

Bob Lung describes his shock and humble feeling when he was informed the Fantasy Football Consistency Guide was chosen as the top magazine of 2017!

About a month ago, Brad Perniciaro of contacted me on Twitter and asked if their site could review my Guide for their annual Fantasy Football magazine review article? Of course, I said okay and didn’t think much of it after that.

This past week, Brad emailed me and said that they were finished and here was the link to the article ( I was expecting a review of the Guide itself with their thoughts about the book. Boy, was I surprised!

As I read through the article I realized they reviewed all of the Fantasy magazines and picked their Top 5, which I was honored to be included on!

That excited me enough to know that I finished in the Top 5 of all of the magazines!  But wait, there’s more!Then Brad did a detail review of my Guide that honestly, I couldn’t have written better myself!  He noted a summary of Pro’s and Con’s at the end of my Guide’s section.

I read the rest of the reviews of the other guides/magazines and then came to the bottom of the article and lo and behold, I saw this!

Wait? What? Wow, I just sat there in awe! My 15 years of consistency analyzing and sharing with anyone who would listen had finally been recognized! I called my wife and kids and told them the amazing news!

In closing, I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Brad and everyone at CheatSheetWarRoom for the recognition! Also, I want to thank everyone who has told me that they have made the playoffs or won a championship because of my consistency tools! I am truly Blessed!

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