Football Prop Bets: Prop Bet Consistency Picks – 2020 - Week 4

Written by Colby Conway

Every week, Colby Conway and Bob Lung use the Prop Bet Consistency Tool to help you win your Fantasy Football Prop Bets! Follow them @colbyconway and @bob_lung.

PROP IT LIKE IT’S HOT! Along with the podcast, there will be this article that highlights a little bit more of what Bob Lung (bob_lung) and I discussed on the podcast. Using our Prop Bet tool, we can find some advantages on current lines over on ThriveFantasy (Promo Code BIGGUY), and find the best bets for us to make. Using a player’s consistency and prior history in similar situations, the tool will spit out a percentage based on the player’s past. Of course, other factors go into it, so you’ll need to be privy of those, but we can take a look at a player’s line and compare it to prior performances, to see how many times in a similar situation they surpassed the current Vegas line. If you want to view the article in its entirety, and you aren’t a VIP subscriber, use promo code PROPBET for $5 off your subscription!

For example, if Deshaun Watson’s O/U for the week is 245.5 passing yards, the model will spit out the percentage of times he’s surpassed that number against a similar strength defense (good, average or bad) in the past. If he’s done it 72 percent of the time in the past, we can feel confident in taking the over in this matchup.

In this article, we will highlight our best bets of the weekend, and some of these weren’t mentioned on the podcast, which is an added perk to your VIP Subscription! Without further ado, let’s jump into it!

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