2020 Standard League Consistency - TE

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Was it me or did Tight End feel more like a barren wasteland in 2019 than it ever has before?  If you didn’t roster Travis Kelce or George Kittle, didn’t ride the early season hot hands, Austin Hooper or Darren Waller, then you suffered like the rest of us.  You suffered mightily trying to find a consistent weekly option to plug into your lineups.  I am here to help end your suffering once and for all.

As a reminder, Big Guy Fantasy Sports was built on consistency.  Bob Lung has been fine-tuning his consistency models for over 15 years and with each passing year has produced more and more winners.  If you are unfamiliar with Consistency, Clutch Rate, or Clutch Games you should head here first before continuing on.

Once you are confident in our process, it’s safe to scroll through the table below.  To make it easier to digest, players are listed based on their 2019 Clutch Rate Ranking.  A minimum of 8 games was required to qualify.  Enjoy!

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