Standard League Consistency – Stock Watch – Week 11

Josh Brickner helps the Standard League owners with his look at their Consistency and whose stock is rising or falling. Follow him on Twitter @joshbrickner.

When in a head-to-head fantasy football league, you want players on your team who are consistent fantasy performers from week to week. Here at Big Guy Fantasy Sports, consistency is our business. If you’re unfamiliar with the Consistency Rankings and Clutch Reports at BGFS, I recommend you take a look. Basically, a player is consistent (earns a Clutch Game) when he meets or exceeds your league’s average for points scored in a given week. A player’s Clutch Rating (CR) is based on the percentage of games he earned a Clutch Game (CG) against the number of games played.

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BGFS founder Bob Lung has been looking at consistency in fantasy football for 15 years, but mostly through a PPR scoring lens. Well, the times they are a changin’. For the 2018 season, I will not only provide a list of the players who earned a CG in the previous week for standard leagues, but highlight the players from each of the skill positions (RB, WR, & TE) whose stock is rising and those who are headed the opposite direction.

Why take this approach? Well, the blueprint to building a league-winning fantasy football roster is much like building a successful stock portfolio. The key is to accumulate as many high performing commodities as possible while minimizing your risk.  You want to sell a stock when you believe it’s worth has peaked and buy while the price is still at a value.  The results from the first part of the NFL season offer a great opportunity for the savvy fantasy footballer to do just that. Social media and fantasy pundits will tend to elevate any player who had a good first half of the season to elite status, while other players whose arrows are pointing up may go somewhat unnoticed. Take the advice of Gordon Gekko (“Greed is good!”) and go build a championship portfolio.

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