Advanced Consistency Analytics: xConsistency – QB – 2017

Bob Lung takes you to the next level with xConsistency and how it can help separate the Quarterbacks with similar consistency and identify who is more valuable to your Fantasy teams.  You can follow Bob on Twitter at @bob_lung.

Consistency in Fantasy Football is a very important factor in helping Fantasy owners make more informed decisions on who to draft and who to start/sit during the season. If you’re new to the Consistency concept in Fantasy Football, I highly recommend reading some of the Introduction articles located on the home page of If you’re already a reader and follower of the site, then I would like to introduce you to a new twist to the Consistency world: xConsistency.

The xConsistency is similar to xERA in baseball as it’s identifying the “TRUE” Consistency value of the player. The formula is as follows:

               (Total Fantasy Points Scored / Total Games Played) X Clutch Rate

The xConsistency factor will separate two players with similar Consistency but different Total Points Score due to either fewer games or Clutch performances with lesser points scored. For example: let’s take a look at two players last year with similar Clutch Rates:


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