Fantasy Football Consistency: 4pt vs 6pt Pass TD Scoring Differences – QB

Josh Brickner shows you the effect of 6 points versus 4 point per passing touchdown when evaluating the Consistency of Quarterbacks in 2017. Who improved and who declined may surprise you! Follow Josh on Twitter @joshbrickner!

Fantasy owners who chose Cam Newton to be their starting signal caller last season where thrilled during Weeks Four and Ten when the Carolina Panther scored 37 and 38 points respectively. Cam left those same owners climbing out of a hole with lackluster 13-point performances in Weeks 3 & 7. Inconsistent, boom/bust players like Newton can derail the seasons of fantasy players in head-to head leagues where one game often separates the contenders from the pretenders.

Here at Big Guy Fantasy Sports, consistency is our business.  If you’re unfamiliar with the Consistency Rankings and Clutch Reports at BGFS, I recommend you take a look. Basically, a player is consistent (earns a Clutch Game) when he meets or exceeds the Clutch Factor (average league score at that position) in a given week. A player’s Clutch Rating (CR) is based on the percentage of games he earned a Clutch Game (CG) against the number of games played.  Bob Lung has been looking at consistency in fantasy football for 15 years at the QB position, but focusing primarily on leagues that award four points per passing TD. Until now. I will look at the difference in consistency between leagues where QBs are given six-points per pass TD against those leagues that only award four points.

QB Consistency: 6pt vs 4pt Passing TD Leagues

I compared the Clutch Reports of 49 QBs in 4pt and 6pt passing TD scoring methods. Of the 49 QBs evaluated; 31 (63%) saw no change in their Clutch Rate (CR) even with the scoring format changed. While the majority saw no change in their CR, the scoring change did have an impact on QB consistency as 10 QBs (21%) saw a negative regression in their CR when switching from 4pt to 6pt passing TDs, comparatively 8 (16%) saw a CR increase when owners were granted an extra two points per passing touchdown.

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