2019 - King’s Classic – Jim Brown Division - Week 4

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In the summer of 1963 the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League held what would be the first ever fantasy football draft.  Shortly thereafter, the Kings X bar opened in Oakland and introduced fantasy football to its patrons.  Since the opening of the Kings X in 1968, fantasy football has snowballed into the multi-billion dollar industry that has spawned a radio network, network time devoted to fantasy on all the major sports networks, numerous websites, podcasts and even a clothing line.  In 2018, the Inaugural King’s Classic took place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.  The idea was a dual effort of Canton native and creator Big Guy Fantasy Sports, Bob Lung, and Brad Evans of Yahoo Sports.  Their vision was for 24 of the best and brightest minds in fantasy football to assemble at the Hall of Fame in two divisions, for two drafts.  The divisions were named for the first two picks in the inaugural GOPPPL draft, first overall pick George Blanda, who was followed by the legendary Jim Brown.  Each player participated in both a snake and auction draft, with half of the $100 entry fee going to charity.

We added four more teams in Year 2 and had our drafts on Saturday, Aug 17. Once again with Sirius Fantasy Sports Radio in attendance!

Each week, we will recap the happenings in both divisions.  You can also follow along with each league by clicking the links below.  It’s anyone’s guess, but one thing is certain, it’s going to be a wild ride!

Jim Brown Division



Brad Evans


Mike Clay

CBS Sports

Dave Richard

FullTime Fantasy

Brad Kruse/Brian Owens

Big Guy Fantasy Sports

Bob Lung

Football Diehards

Bob Harris


Jim Coventry

Pro Football Focus

Jeff Ratcliffe


Pat Dougherty

Guru Elite

Corey Parsons


Andy Behrens

Fantasy Alarm

Colby Conway


Curtis Patrick


Dom Cintorino

Games of the Week

Snake Division


There were a few candidates for game of the week in the snake division, but the honor goes to the matchup of Pat Daugherty vs. Bob Harris, with Daugherty pulling out a win 112.3 to 111.3.  The victory was in large part thanks to the highest output of the season for wide out Robert Woods, who put up 29 points.  Sterling Shepard chipped in 16 and Baker Mayfield finally contributed in a solid outing, adding 16.  Harris got a 26 point efforts from Leonard Fournette and Lamar Jackson, while breakout tight end Darren Waller put up 12 points of his own, but it wasn’t enough to pull out the win. 

Auction Division


Week 4 had no shortage of blowouts in the auction division, as the closest game was decided by 16 points.  Mike Clay defeated Jim Coventry 139.9 to 124 to run his record to 3-1.  Clay got big production from his wide receivers as Cooper Kupp, Kenny Golladay and Michael Thomas combined for 68 points on the week.  Coventry got a whopping 41 from Chris Godwin, 23 from Matthew Stafford at the QB spot, and 17 from LeSean McCoy, but took the L, dropping his record to 1-3. 

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