Fantasy Football 2020: IDP Consistency

I am honored to post the Fantasy Football Consistency article on the Individual Defensive Players that was developed and written by my good friend and supporter, Rui Mauricio from Brazil. He and his colleagues, Brasil Fantasy Football, have done an amazing job with this breakdown of the most consistent IDP players in 2019/2020. Please follow them at Rui Mauricio and Brasil Fantasy Football on Twitter!

Hey guys! BrFF wants to make the difference and we bring you consistency for IDPs (Individual Defensive Players)! We obviously brought Bob Lungs’ concepts to build this study. First, let’s check the parameters:

Without further ado, let’s see the results!

Defensive Linemen

Danielle Hunter is a heck of a player and that translates into good numbers overall and in consistency too! The Vikings’ edge rusher stood alone this season and only the defensive tackle Cameron Heyward (Steelers) could join him as Excellent!

Among the top 20, many of them reached the “Good” level, with a special note for DTs Aaron Donald and Grady Jarrett.


Linebacker is generally the most important position in IDP, and here the best ones were TJ Watt and Darius Leonard.

Watt is the second Steeler we talk about (Heyward) and James Harrison’s successor keeps growing in the league and making a brilliant career like his older brother (JJ)! The outcome? 3rd in points and 2nd in consistency (clutch rate and xConsistency)!

Leonard, the best in 2018, lost some games but stayed among the best in his position, including many good appearances! Such a trustworthy guy!

Other good names were Jordan Hicks (top scorer), Bobby Wagner and Jaylon Smith, all three featured in “Very Good” level.

Defensive Backs