Football Night Fill-Ups : Thursday Night Game Recap – Rams vs Seahawks

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Rams 29 Seahawks 30

Welcome back guys and gals to another edition to the Football Night Fill-up. Today, I will be giving you a recap on the Thursday Night Football game that included the Rams vs. Seahawks. I would like to give the NFL huge props for giving us two straight weeks of great matchups on Thursdays this year. In prior years, the matchups have been a severe snooze fest and extremely hard to watch. Prior to this game started I predicted that the Seahawks would win but with the way the game ensued, I didn't predict it to end the way it ended.


I'm not really sure if it’s me or not or has Goff regressed mightily? According to Bob Lung’s consistency chart, Jared has had a good game over 70% of the time for fantasy but from pure eye test he has been looking really skittish in the backfield and it continued this week. If the running game isn't productive he really struggles with accuracy at times this year. I also believe that he has been locked in on his favorite target a bit too much but you can't argue with his production. Cooper Kupp had 17 targets and that amounted to 9 receptions for 117 yards and caught Goff’s lone TD of the game. Robert Woods was locked down all game and Cooks has not had a good season as it is and Thursday night was no different with one catch on 3 targets.

It was apparent that Sean McVay saw something in the defense and saw that the TE position  was going to be open in the middle of the field so he exploited that with receptions to Gerald Everett and Tyler Higbee. Gerald got the majority of the big plays in the middle of the field and played very well other than his crucial fumble in the second half of the game, which probably lost them the game due to the momentum they were gaining at that point of the game.

For fantasy purposes I would still lay back and still not start that position due the lack of consistency in both of their respective careers. The biggest story for this offense has to be the Gurley situation and how they have handled it. Gurley came out looking like the old school Gurley in the first quarter but as the game went on, he started to look like he was tired and running in mud. His red zone efficiency is still great that resulted in his two TD’s during this high scoring game. At this point Gurley has to be an every week start due to TD upside every week.

Next week the Rams play the 49ers. Goff, Gurley and Kupp are must starts next week and remember to keep an eye on Everett. They may have a TE stud on their hands.


I don't know what Ciara did to Russell Wilson, but whatever she is doing to him, she needs to continue to do the same thing all year. He looks freaking amazing this year and i hope he continues at this pace. He had a Mahomes type of game with a great completion percentage and an almost perfect quarterback rating. The beginning of the game wasn't too promising due to the pain in the butt Aaron Donald in the backfield on every play in the first quarter. Until the OC adjusted and started to roll Wilson away from him he took off. He was then able to make pinpoint deep passes and he made his patented scramble drills look effortless. For fantasy purposes, he also added some rushing yards as well which is gold for the floor of a fantasy QB.

The biggest beneficiary in my opinion on this receiving corps has to be my favorite sleeper TE this year is Will Dissly. One thing that you have to look for in a receiving TE is the amount of down the field routes he runs. He has a ton of down the field targets as he led the team in receiving yards this week. He also has a ton of TD upside which makes him an every week start from this week on.

Tyler Lockett wasn't hyper targeted in this game but he made his limited targets count, especially on that toe drag swag perfection in the corner of the endzone. I didn't think a receiver of that height can be so consistent every week but he is an every week start until I see otherwise. The running back situation is concrete due to the bevy of carries Chris Carson has received week after week. This week he amassed 27 carries for 118 yards. If he continues to work on his ball security he can be an every week start and have some TD upside week to week.

Next week the Seahawks have the Browns on the slate. That might also be a shootout as well so everyone has to be played in fantasy next week. Russell, Carson, Lockett, Dissly, and maybe even Metcalf.

Thanks again for reading my recap everyone. Follow me on Twitter @Statsandfactsff. I’m always available for questions or comments.

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