Football Night Fill-Ups : Monday Night Game Recap – Cincinnati at Pittsburgh

Phillip Simmons gives you his rundown of the Monday Night game! Follow him on Twitter @Statsandfactsff!

Bengals 3 Steelers 27


I was one of the fantasy truthers who thought the Bengals had a real shot at winning this game. Well i was clearly wrong with that take. The way Joe Mixon played the week prior, i thought he would bounce back and he could turn that good running game into some clear passing lanes for Andy Dalton.

Unfortunately, the offensive line didn't get the memo. They did not get going all night and it affected the whole offense. The Steelers defensive line was in the backfield all night for 8 sacks and they had Dalton skittish. Even if AJ Green was there he couldn't help Andy from getting killed in the backfield. The only fantasy relevant player for the Bengals was Joe Mixon with his 19 touches for 63 yards. With that being said that is severely underwhelming. With the woes with the offensive line, Joe Mixon has had only one Clutch game in four week. If this continues Cincinnati will need to warm up Ryan Finley because Dalton will not last long this year at all.

The Bengals have the Arizona Cardinals next week. Only because of how terrible the pass defense is in Arizona, Dalton is still playable as well as Mixon and Boyd. A cheap DFS play at TE would be Tyler EIfert. Apparently they don’t know how to cover the TE so he could have a great game.


The coaching staff for the Steelers get mad props for the game plan they implemented last night. Not having Mason Rudolph think as much and throw some designed plays really made him shine. Jet sweeps helped to keep the Bengals on their toes as well as the wildcat formation because it clearly shows that they were not prepared for what the Steelers had in store for them.

Realizing that Mason Rudolph can’t play like Big Ben and utilizing Jaylon Samuels and James Conner in the passing game worked well for him. James is still struggling with the running game but as they got him in space he performed with those little jet sweeps and screen passes. Jaylen Samuels was a present surprise this week. His new found role in this offense will eat into Conner’s production heavily. If you can sell high now, that would be in your best interest. The only downfall that this potentially new offense has is the underutilization of star receiver JuJu Smith Schuster. His three catches for 15 yards killed fantasy owners worldwide. Everyone bought James Washington after the injury but apparently we all were wrong because he has fallen in love with Dionte Johnson. This has been the second straight week that he has hit him deep. If he is still available in your leagues, I would target him ASAP.

Next week the Steelers have the Baltimore Ravens. If you can avoid playing Rudolph, I would do so. Conner and JuJu have to be in your lineups as well even though the Ravens have a stout defense. They will come back this week with some attitude after they got shellacked last week by the Browns.

Thanks again for reading my recap everyone. Follow me on Twitter @Statsandfactsff. I’m always available for questions or comments.

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