Perfectly Consistent Draft – Pick #4

Bob Lung guides you through the Perfectly Consistent Draft with the help of Draft Simulator and the Tier Draft List in the 2020 Fantasy Football Consistency Guide! Follow him on Twitter @bob_lung

Fantasy Draft Day can be one of most exciting or most horrifying days in a Fantasy owner’s life each year! It’s exciting for those who prepare by spending hours of going through magazines, websites, etc. It’s horrifying for those who don’t have time to prep because LIFE gets in the way.

Well, worry no more, my friends! I’m here to help you give you a winning draft, REGARDLESS of the position that you choose from!

My friends at FantasyPros have some great tools to help you in your Fantasy Football draft preparation. One of them is the Draft Simulator. I am going to use this tool in conjunction with a tool from the Big Guy Fantasy Sports site called the Tier Draft List. The Tier Draft List is a one page Excel file that groups each position by Tier (RB1, RB2, etc.) and then separates the Tier into Grade A, B, C and D. Each Tier correlates to an Expected Consistency Rating or how consistent that player should be in 2020. This is explained in the Guide.

By utilizing the Draft Simulator, I will perform a mock draft from each position and present the results as ranked by the FantasyPros expert rankings. Upon presenting that the mock draft results are highly ranked by FantasyPros, I will also show you why it’s a great draft because of the consistency ratings of the players I drafted.

We start with a mock draft from position: PICK #4

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