Fantasy Football Consistency: Standard Scoring Differences – WR

Josh Brickner shows you the effect of Standard scoring versus PPR scoring when evaluating the Consistency of Wide Receivers in 2017. Who improved and who declined may surprise you! Give Josh a follow on Twitter @joshbrickner.

Fantasy owners of T.Y. Hilton were ecstatic this past season with the Colts WR’s Week 3 & 14 performances where he scored 28 and 34 PPR points respectively. However, these same owners were equally as deflated in their Week 6, 8, & 12 fantasy matchups when the Florida International product literally dropped the ball and was held to under four PPR points. Boom/Bust players like Hilton are destructive to the playoff chances of owners in H2H fantasy leagues where your overall record determines whether or not you get a seat at the table.

You want to draft players on your team who are consistent fantasy performers from week to week. If you’re unfamiliar with the Consistency Rankings and Clutch Reports over at Big Guy Fantasy sports, I recommend you take a look. You will not be disappointed. Bob Lung has been looking at consistency in fantasy football for 15 years, but from a mostly PPR scoring lense. Well, the times they are a changin. Last week, I took a look at the difference in RB consistency between PPR and Standard (non-PPR) scoring formats. Today, we will analyze the changes in the consistency of the WR position when the scoring changes from PPR to Standard. 

WR Consistency: PPR vs Standard Scoring

For my breakdown, I compared the Clutch Reports of 94 WRs in Standard and PPR scoring methods. Of the 94 WRs evaluated; 42 (45%) saw no change in their Clutch Rate (CR) even with the scoring format changed from PPR to Standard. The scoring change did have a considerable impact on WR consistency as 38 WRs (40%) saw a negative regression in their CR when switching from PPR to Standard scoring while 14 (15%) saw a CR increase when owners aren’t awarded a point per catch. It’s not surprising at a position like WR, where your #1 duty is to catch passes, that nearly triple the amount of WRs saw a decrease in their CR than WRs who saw a positive increase. The consistency rates of some of 2017’s most productive WRs were impacted in Standard scoring leagues.

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