Fantasy Baseball 2020: Consistent Undervalued - SS

Aaron Pags compares 2020 NFBC Average Draft Position to our Clutch Rate and Clutch Rate Rankings providing you with consistency targets for your H2H fantasy baseball leagues. Follow him @fantasytriage on Twitter.

Everyone in your league is looking for an edge, a piece of information that will put them ahead of the pack especially during the upcoming Fantasy Baseball Draft season. Welcome to your edge. Our team has constructed a model dedicated to highlighting the most consistent players at each position to help you win your fantasy leagues.

If you play in head to head leagues there is no substitute for a consistent point producer. Below are three shortstops that our consistency models have zeroed in on as being undervalued in relation to their current Average Draft Position. Find the consistency values in your drafts now and reap the rewards later.


Jonathan Villar: Miami, 28yo.

SS Rank




Clutch Rate

CR Rank


Villar, Jonathan





Oh, ye of little faith. Villar was nothing short of a fantasy baseball MVP candidate in 2019. He carried teams toward titles with 24 home runs, 40 stolen bases, and 111 runs scored on his campaign. Looking at his current average draft position, the disrespect is reaching epic levels.

Jonathan already qualifies at 2B and SS, and the recent Marlin announcement that he will be their Opening Day CF just adds to his already incredibly versatile values. He didn’t just ride one or two hot months to a strong overall season in 2019, instead, he was the 5th most consistent scoring player at his position.

If the fantasy baseball community continues to depress his draft cost in 2020, I will be drafting A LOT of Villar. You should too.


Marcus Semien: Oakland, 29yo.

SS Rank




Clutch Rate

CR Rank


Semien, Marcus





There seems to be a theme building here, disrespect. Marcus Semien went off last season tallying 187 hits, 83 of those going for extra bases! He socked 33 home runs, drove in 92 runs, and scored a ridiculous 123 times. Wow.

Yet somehow he is the 13th shortstop off the board in 2020? If his numbers didn’t speak for themselves, Marcus smashed in the all-important Clutch Rate category. He was the 6th most consistent shortstop and if he played anywhere besides Oakland I believe he would garner much more attention.

Instead, we are going to be the ones gaining an advantage from league mates passing on monster numbers and reliability. Fire up Semien in your queue now and pounce when the time is right. At 82nd overall, he is being completely under drafted.


Paul DeJong: St Louis, 26yo.

The latter half of drafts is all about complementing your already drafted core group of players with those who will provide steady contributions. You have compiled stars and now it’s time to make the moves to stabilize your weekly lineups. Look no further than Paul DeJong.

The little known DeJong flashed some serious power in 2019, cashing in with 30 long balls. As you know, in H2H every point counts and most leagues reward power. Not only did Paul run up a high total of overall points, but he did it our favorite way, consistently. His Clutch Rate of 75% put DeJong in the top 10 of shortstops.

Just as with Villar and Semien, DeJong is being passed on for too many others. He is currently the 20th drafted at shortstop. Consistency screams he is the best value of all. As you watch Seager, Anderson, Rosario, and Andrus get selected, smile and know that you have this Cardinal in your back pocket as your late draft gold.

SS Rank




Clutch Rate

CR Rank


DeJong, Paul





Be sure to check out all of the positional ADP vs CR breakdowns by our fantasy baseball writing team to ensure you don’t pass up on consistency at any point in your drafts. Filling your roster with these types of steady assets will give you the weekly advantage over your opponents in head to head leagues in 2020.

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