Nease’s Insights—Fantasy Baseball All-Stars

When the first MLB All-Star Game was played at Comiskey Park in Chicago, 85 years ago in 1933, fantasy baseball was not on anyone’s mind. Can you imagine—a world without TVs, computers, smart phones, or our beloved fantasy sports? Yet, even amid a great depression, players laced up their shoes, grabbed their gloves and bats and took the field.

16 years later I was born, and I fell in love with what was then really our national pastime. Over the last 60 years I have seen all the stars that have played since then—from Ted Williams to Mike Trout and from Warren Spahn to Max Scherzer. I saw Bob Gibson and Fergie Jenkins duel in many 1-0 games in Wrigley Field.

There were so many great ones and I always was thrilled by the All-Star game each summer. In fact, thinking back to those days when I hear people talking about who was the greatest this, or that of all-time (GOATS), 5 I cannot believe it. When you have seen so many fantastic players, you tend to appreciate them all. It’s sort of like asking someone, which is the best—beer or bacon? I know, impossible right?

C Evan Gattis, Hou

  • Runs: 34
  • Home Runs: 17
  • RBIs: 57
  • Stolen Bases: 1
  • Ave: .241
  • 1st Runner Up: J.T. Realmuto, MIA 

1B Freddie Freeman, ATL

  • Runs: 54
  • Home Runs: 10
  • RBIs: 56
  • Stolen Bases: 6
  • Ave: .308
  • 1st Runner Up: Paul Goldschmidt, ARI

2B Javier Baez, CHI

  • Runs: 54
  • Home Runs: 16
  • RBIs: 61
  • Stolen Bases: 15
  • Ave: .286
  • 1st Runner Up: Ozzie Albies, ATL

SS Francisco Lindor, CLE

  • Runs: 75
  • Home Runs: 23
  • RBIs: 55
  • Stolen Bases: 11
  • Ave: .297
  • 1st Runner Up: Jean Segura, SEA

3B Jose Ramirez, CLE

  • Runs: 58
  • Home Runs: 24
  • RBIs: 56
  • Stolen Bases: 17
  • Ave: .294
  • 1st Runner Up: Nolan Arenado, COL

OF J.D. Martinez, BOS

  • Runs: 60
  • Home Runs: 26
  • RBIs: 71
  • Stolen Bases: 2
  • Ave: .327
  • 1st Runner Up: Aaron Judge, NYY

OF Mike Trout, LAA

  • Runs: 67
  • Home Runs: 24
  • RBIs: 49
  • Stolen Bases: 13
  • Ave: .310
  • 1st Runner Up: Eddie Rosario, MIN

OF Mookie Betts, BOS

  • Runs: 66
  • Home Runs: 21
  • RBIs: 42
  • Stolen Bases: 15
  • Ave: .338
  • 1st Runner Up: Andrew Benintendi, BOS

SP Luis Severino, NYY

  • Wins: 13
  • Saves: 0
  • Strike Outs: 138
  • ERA: 1.98
  • WHIP: 0.95
  • 1st Runner Up: Max Scherzer, WAS

RP Edwin Diaz, SEA

  • Wins: 0
  • Saves: 33
  • Strike Outs: 72
  • ERA: 2.40
  • WHIP: 0.84
  • 1st Runner Up: Arnoldis Chapman, NYY

Over the years many readers have contacted me personally for fantasy baseball questions throughout the year. I look forward to helping you in your quest to win championships this year. You can contact me by email with any questions you may have on fantasy football at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., follow me on Twitter @mikeinsights, or join me as a member of Couch Tomatoes, my fantasy sports discussion group on Facebook.

Good luck! Have fun!


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