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Fantasy Football: SuperFlex Consistency – QB

Bob Lung brings you the newest twist in Consistency with the Flex Consistency tool that helps you identify those players who are much more valuable in leagues with SuperFlex and Flex positions.

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I’m always trying to find new and innovative ways to use consistency in fantasy football. This Guide and the Big Guy Fantasy Sports website have given you tools like xConsistency, Historical Game Consistency, and Consistency trends. This winter I was thinking about my King’s Classic leagues. It is 42 of the best fantasy football experts in the country who go head-to-head in both snake and auction drafts. We hold two of the league drafts in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame during Fantasy Football Expo weekend.

In the King’s Classic leagues, we start 1-QB; 2-RB, 3-WR, 1-TE, and THREE flex spots! This really makes it difficult to find those deep players who can help your teams in those flex spots. I realized that I can take the Consistency Report tool on the website and edit the number of teams, which in turn edits the number of starting players that are calculated into the Clutch Factor.

So, for example in a Super Flex/2-QB league, I change the number of teams to 24 and hit recalculate. This gives me a lower factor and it identifies those quarterbacks who were more consistent in a 2-QB league than they are in a regular 1-QB league.

As you will note from the report below, many quarterbacks see a significant increase in consistency numbers due to the lower Clutch Factor. The studs like Mahomes, Hurts, and Herbert jump anywhere from 13-18 percentage points. Some of the studs did not jump as much as players like Josh Allen didn’t improve his consistency at all.

The most significant use of this tool is to identify those players who are not normal QB1’s like Daniel Jones, Brock Purdy and Jared Goff who become much more valuable with their consistency jumping from 18 – 23 percentage points. These are the players to identify in your Superflex/2-QB leagues.

Check out the report below:

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