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Fantasy Football: Review-Preview – 2022/2023 – QB

Bob Lung shares the most consistent quarterbacks of 2022 and his projected rankings for 2023. Follow him @bob_lung

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In the past, the quarterback position for Fantasy Football purposes was easily the most waited-on position to draft. However, the consistency rating was down this year for the quarterbacks. Only four quarterbacks were over 80% consistency and only three more were over 60%. 60% is the usual threshold for good consistency. At quarterback, you really want your starter to be over 70% consistency. So, this year, those Top 4 with over 80% consistency last season are being drafted in Round 2! So, if you want one of them, you better pick one early or you’ll miss out.

There were 12 quarterbacks over 300 points (4pts per passing TD) in 2022. This was two less than last year’s 14 quarterbacks. There is certainly a “changing of the guard” at quarterback in the NFL. So, while there were certainly some of the “regular” studs near the top of the consistency charts, there were many “regulars” who were not.

Let’s look at those quarterbacks ranked in their projected Tier for 2023 and show you their 2022 total points and consistency and where they ranked in those categories in 2022.  The scoring method is the standard 4 points per TD passing and 6 for rushing plus 1 point for every 20 yards passing and 10 yards rushing. So, let’s start with the top tier of quarterbacks.

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